Daily Gaming News – 31/1/2013

January 31, 2013

  • NEWS: Some big news for both WoW fans and movie fans in general – Duncan Jones, director of Moon and Source Code and son of David Bowie, has signed on to direct Legendary’s Warcraft film adaptation. The movie is looking to start production in 2013 for a 2015 release. The details of the script, written by Charles Leavitt, are still unknown.
  • NEWS: EA’s financial call has produced some interesting news, not the least of which is that the Medal of Honor series is now ‘out of rotation’ due to poor sales and review scores. This means the series may be put to rest for some time, while EA’s other shooter series like Battlefield, Crysis and Army of Two come to the forefront.
  • NEWS: EA’s Fuse has also been delayed until the second quarter of 2013 – somewhere between April and June – a bump of a few months from its original March release date.
  • VIDEO: Speaking of EA, Episode 5 of Crysis 3‘s 7 Wonders video series has been released as ‘The Perfect Weapon’:
[youtube id=”qW4sqLzIrBg” width=”600″ height=”350″]
  • NEWS: Penny Arcade’s episodic steampunk video-game, On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness will be getting a fourth installment – although only on PC and Xbox Live Indie Games (not available in Australia), as mobile and Mac sales have not been strong enough to validate the extra work.
  • NEWS: Nintendo also had their financial call, with its own share of news including a renewed focus on helping to bring Japanese 3DS titles west like Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies. In addition, the Wii U is not expected to receive a price cut any time soon, as it is already apparently selling ‘below cost’.
  • NEWS: Fighting game tournament organisers Ozhadou are running the Ozhadou Nationals 11, kicking off with the first major for 2013 on 22 – 24 February in Sydney. Full details can be found at their website.
  • VIDEO: Behold a cool mock trailer for Ubisoft’s Osiris project, which is no longer moving forward, sadly (follow the link).