Daily Gaming News – 24/04/13

April 24, 2013

  • NEWS: Satorua Iwata of Nintendo fame has just been announced as the new CEO of Nintendo of America. A press release details the various shifts within the company, stemming mostly from a number of members retiring.
  • NEWS: More good and bad news for the company: Nintendo has returned to profitability again but missed their financial forecast by about 50%. This is partly due to Wii U and games sales outside Japan, which “did not generate sufficient sales momentum”.
  • NEWS: Still on the topic of Nintendo, the company has revealed its Wii U Virtual Console launch titles. Expect to see Balloon Fight, Donkey Kong Jr., Excitebike, Ice Climbers, Kirby’s Adventure, Punch Out, F-Zero and Super Mario World for now, with more to come.
  • NEWS: You may have heard the news today on our Facebook page: Sony has announced that a Ratchet & Clank is currently in the works. Eurogamer also reports that Heavenly Sword, another Sony franchise, will also be receiving an animated feature film, although this will be a direct-to-DVD title. You can check out the teaser trailer for Ratchet & Clank below:[youtube id=”qx1oyMUxmkc” width=”600″ height=”350″]
  • NEWS: A scandal is abound at Activision, with two members of the company’s public relations team found guilty of pinching approximately £19,000 from Call of Duty: Black Ops‘ budget. Apparently the money went towards an engagement party and shopping for designer clothes.
  • NEWS: BlazBlue director Toshimichi Mori is reportedly toying with the idea of a new fighting game for the PlayStation 4. The director had this to say about his plans for the future in an interview with Rice Digital: “I want to make a new title to follow Guilty Gear and BlazBlue—a third title. Guilty Gear was made for Dreamcast originally, BlazBlue was meant for PS3 soon after it launched—so now that PS4 is coming out we’d like to make a completely new title for it. Making something at these turning points is what Arc System Works is all about.”
  • VIDEO: Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut is all set for a release next week in the US and next month for us in PAL regions. Here’s a trailer:

 [youtube id=”KMyadKE4l6U” width=”600″ height=”350″]