Daily Gaming News – 6/04/13

April 6, 2013

  • NEWS: Microsoft have apologised for the comments made by Adam Orth, Microsoft Studio’s creative director, regarding the topic of always-on internet connections. Microsoft’s next console has been rumoured to require an internet connection in order for games to be started up, and Orth’s inappropriate comments on the topic caused a stir on Twitter.
  • NEWS: Although the new OUYA console has had a rocky start to its life, the company’s CEO is promising that the early issues will be swiftly addressed. With the retail release of the new console quickly approaching, Julie Uhrman has responded to criticism regarding the early version, which has recently received its first reviews. She’s promising external storage for games, improved controllers, and more.
  • NEWS: Goichi Suda has shared a few more details about Grasshopper Manufacture’s next title, which was first revealed in Famitsu last week. The currently untitled game will run on the Unreal Engine, although Suda wouldn’t say whether it will be Unreal Engine 3 or 4, since that would give away which platforms the game is coming to. It will definitely be a console game however, and will have an online component.
  • NEWS: EA’s COO, Peter Moore, has publicly responded to the company’s recent semi-finalist nomination in a ‘Worst Company in America’ internet poll. He acknowledged that they’ve made some big mistakes in recent times, but says that he remains proud of the company, and that he believes that they can do better.
  • VIDEO: Capcom have released a new trailer for Remember Me, showing off the various enemies that Nilin will encounter as she makes her way through Neo-Paris.

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