Daily Gaming News 29/12/12

December 29, 2012

Much food was consumed, many presents were unwrapped, Christmas Day has come and gone for another year. With only a couple of days left in this year, we should take it slow, catch up on some gaming, and bring in the new year in style. Also, read the gaming news. You can never have too much news.


  • NEWS: It looks as though Code of Princess, the great little side scrolling beat ’em up that was released for the Nintendo 3DS in the USA earlier this year, will be released in Europe. The game has just been classified by the German ratings board, which bodes well for an incoming PAL release.
  • NEWS: It’s the end of an era, as Sony have announced that they will no longer be producing PlayStation 2 consoles in Japan from now on, with the rest of the world to follow. Once the current inventory runs out, it’ll mean the end for a console that has survived for nearly 13 years, and has sold over 155 million units. Let’s have a moment of silence.
  • NEWS: Hands up, who’s been looking up porn on their Nintendo 3DS? It seems that some guy in the USA has, and unfortunately his refurbished console ended up in the hands of a five year old kid. Good job, Gamestop.
  • VIDEO: The development kit for Ouya, the first Kickstarter funded game console, has been sent out to game designers wordwide. If you’re interested in seeing the console for yourself, a video showing the unboxing of one of the development kits has been released.

[youtube id=”psCoR4zmIpE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

  • NEWS: In case you’ve been wondering what happened behind the scenes with the movie adaptation of Metroid that was floating around back in 2004, IGN have caught up with Brad Foxhoven. He was the producer for the project, and he has a fair bit to say on the topic of the failed production.
  • NEWS & VIDEO: Atlus have revealed that their animated movie adapatation of Persona 3 will be released next year. What’s particularly interesting is that the official website lists it as movie #1. This is the first we’ve heard of there being more than one movie, and although the story of Persona 3 is certainly dense, it’ll be interesting to see what approach Atlus take. They released a teaser trailer for the film a little earlier this year, which you can view below.

[youtube id=”otL6eFHmOuE” width=”600″ height=”350″]