After Complaints Sony Are No Longer Closing The PS3 or Vita Stores

April 20, 2021

Recently it was announced that Sony would be shuttering the PS3, PSP and Vita storefronts. While users would be able to continue to redownload already purchased games, the ability to buy new or existing games would be shut down. Effectively, this would have wiped out a number of already releases games from history and made other games Xbox exclusives digitally. Now, after plenty of online complaints from players, Sony have now announced that the announced PS3 and Vita closures would no longer be going ahead.

This does mean that the PSP store will still be closing, but thankfully the digital versions of those games are backwards compatible with the Vita and should (theoretically) still be available for purchase on that store. It also means that games such as Tokyo Jungle and the Festival of Blood DLC for inFamous should remain purchasable for the near future.

The move came after Jim Ryan previously made disparaging comments towards backwards compatibility and classic games, questioning why anyone would want to play them. This move had therefore solidified in people’s minds that classic PlayStation games would simply be tossed aside. Thankfully, in this instance, the fan uproar was enough to sway Sony and we will still have access to buy some more fantastic PS3 and Vita games at our leisure. At least for now, anyway.