Sony closes Studio Liverpool

August 22, 2012

Disappointing news from multiple sources, including developer twitters: Sony has today closed developer SCE Studio Liverpool, the team perhaps best know for the well recieved Wipeout series.

Founded in 1984 and known as Psygnosis, the studio was known for both developing and publishing a massive line-up of games, including Barbarian and Lemmings. In 1993 the studio was purchased by Sony, and put to work on both the Wipeout and Colony Wars series. In 2001, the studio was renamed SCE Studio Liverpool, releasing its first Formula One branded title will continually developing iterations of Wipeout for various PlayStation systems. Most recently they released Wipeout 2048, a well received PlayStation Vita title.

Why Sony has shut down SCE Studio Liverpool is unknown at this point, though decreasing sales of the Wipeout series, including the weak PlayStation Vita’s market penetration, likely contributed.

But before we jump the gun, closure of SCE Studio Liverpool does not necessarily imply a massive loss of staff (though it may). Sony’s plans for staff members, along with the franchises, have yet to be made public. We expect at least some portion of SCE Studio Liverpool’s staff will be offered work elsewhere.

Rocket Chainsaw will have an official confirmation from Sony as soon as it’s available.