Avalanche Software back in business

January 25, 2017

Warner Bros. Interactive has announced that it has acquired Avalanche Software, a developer which was previously a subsidiary of Disney. The studio was closed last year when Disney announced it was canceling the Disney Infinity franchise, would no longer be publishing videogames, and would be focusing on licensing their franchises to other companies.

Avalanche Software were the team behind Disney Infinity, Cars 2: The Videogame, and various DragonBall Z and Mortal Kombat games. Much of the same team members will return under Warner Bros. Interactive, including studio Vice President John Blackburn. They are currently working on a videogame adaptation of Cars 3, which was reportedly in development last year before the studio closed, as well as a non-Disney related project.

In a time where many developers are closing their doors, it’s nice to see someone being given a second lifeline. Rocket Chainsaw wishes Avalanche Software a prosperous future.