Posted January 13, 2017 by Zachary Clarke in News

1-2 Switch New Party Game Launching With the Nintendo Switch

As part of the Nintendo Switch event today, Nintendo showed off a new party game they have developed titled 1-2 Swtich, designed to utilise the new Joy Con controllers.

The game seems to be a collection of simple mini games that focus on each player using a Joy Con controller’s motion capabilities. You will find yourself competing in old school western stand offs, having sword battles, racing to answer a phone, shaving and much more.

Another key focus of the game is that it won’t require players to look at a screen, with Nintendo hoping players will pull the game out at parties and social events.

The game will launch alongside the Switch on March 3rd, seemingly as a standalone package, and it is unclear what the price will be at this point.

To get a clearer picture how this game players, check out the reveal trailer below.


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