Brain Training announced for Nintendo Switch

September 30, 2019

Nintendo has announced that a new Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training game will be coming to Nintendo Switch. At the moment the game has only been confirmed for Japan where it will be released on 27th December this year, though a Western release will likely follow since all other titles in the series have been localised.

Brain Training, or Brain Age as it is known in America, was originally released on the Nintendo DS in 2005 and has since received numerous spin-offs and sequels. The games are based on research by neuroscientist Dr. Ryuta Kawashima and feature mathematical and literacy-based puzzles that are designed to keep your brain active. Players are encouraged to play short sessions each day and watch their Brain Age score improve over time.

The Nintendo Switch version will make use of the Joy-Con controller’s IR camera to play Rock, Paper, Scissors. Additionally, there appears to be a new multiplayer mode where players must count birds and/or cubes on the screen. Sudoku, math problems and other series staples are also set to return.

You can check out the Japanese announcement trailer below.