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New Nintendo Game ARMS coming to the Switch

During the Nintendo Switch presentation, Nintendo unveiled a new IP they are working on titled ARMS that takes full advantage of the Joy Con controllers suite of features.

This fighting game is said to combine elements of “boxing” and “shooting” with players taking control of characters who have springlike arms, with the goal being to try and punch your opponent by launching their fists (or sometimes seemingly other weapons like razor blades or bombs) at each other.

The game seems to focus on multiplayer, allowing players to either duke it out in person on a TV or by taking their Switch on the go – or even battle it out online, however you can also practice by battling against NPC’s.

No release date was given, other than Spring 2017 (which equates to Australian Autumn) so the game should launch within the first few months of the Switch’s life.

To get a better idea on what the game is about, check out the reveal trailer below.

Zachary Clarke

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