See What’s New In The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition

March 25, 2012

Looking foward to the console version of The Witcher 2? CD Projekt RED are bringing Xbox 360 owners more than just a simple port of the PC version though, and have promised plenty of new content and features in the Enhanced Edition. CD Projekt have released a ‘New Elements’ trailer specifically to show off the new extras. According to the trailer, gamers can look forward to a new cinematic introduction, some new cut-scenes, an extended outro, new characters, new locations, a new user interface, new controls, and new adventures. Check out the video for yourself below:

[youtube id=”9_0f6GDlqdU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The Witcher 2: Enchanced Edition will be released worldwide on April 17th this year, so you only have a few more weeks to wait.