Wednesday Gaming News – 21/08/13

August 21, 2013

  • Gamescom 2013 getting all up in your grill. Especially on the Sony front. In the early hours of this morning, Sony held their PlayStation and Vita dedicated conference, announcing a few new games and some launch/price details. Getting the the main thing out of the way: Sony has confirmed the PlayStation 4 will launch on 15th November for the United States, and 29th November for Europe. Where does Australia fall? You tell us. Sony has also confirmed a PlayStation Vita price drop to about US$199. When are we getting it? See the aforementioned answer.
  • Additionally, Sony has announced a bundle of new games for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita (and in some cases both!). Included among these announcements are Borderlands 2 for Vita, Starbound, Velocity X2, and FEZ for Vita. Murasaki Baby for Vita, from the director of Shadows of the DamnedRime for PS4 and VitaAnd War Thunder and Shadow of a Beast for PS4. Trailers for some of these can be seen below.

  • Lords of the Fallen has gotten its debut trailer, too. Check it.

  • EA also made an appearance at Gamescom, along with DICE, to show off a new Battlefield 4 trailer. The multiplayer footage showcases a new map, and teases the China Rising expansion pack.

  • Did you like XCOM: Enemy Unknown? You might like XCOM: Enemy Within, the newly announced expansion pack. You might also like the trailer.

  • If the aforementioned games don’t strike your fancy, and you’d prefer something more Final Fantasy, Square-Enix has cut together a Gamescom trailer for the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

  • Interested in Killzone: Shadow Fall? Plan to play with buddies? You’ll be happy about two things. First, here’s a new trailer. And second, Guerrilla Games has confirmed that DLC map packs for Shadow Fall will be released free of charge.

  • Killzone: Shadow Fall might be a little too shoot/bang for you liking, so how about a Knack trailer instead?

  • Or Tearaway!

  • Or Batman: Arkham Origins!

  • Okay, to split up all this PlayStation news, Respawn Entertainment has provided some new, unbroken footage of their upcoming multiplayer shooter Titanfall.

  • And finally, after a page of text and videos, we give you the debut trailer for the game you’ve all been waiting for…Peggle 2.