Vantage is the newest Legend to join Apex Legends: Hunted

August 5, 2022

Already showcased in a cinematic launch trailer, Vantage is joining the roster of Apex Legends as the new character included in the Hunted Season 14 update. We were able to see a short preview of Vantage as part of a media preview event.

Vantage has been designed as the ‘star of the show’ this season, a new take on a sniper/survivalist type in both design and playstyle.

A spunky addition, who Senior Writer Kevin Lee also describes as ‘upbeat but frank’, Vantage grew up on the ice planet Pagos outside of civilisation with her mother, a wrongfully-convicted criminal. Joining the Apex Games, she’s accompanied by a bat-like creature called ‘Echo’ who acts as both a friend and important aspect of her abilities.

Concept Artist Rachel Gagner wanted Vantage to be a fresh take on the sniper look, wanting to capture her sturdiness and strength, and stressing the importance to include a diversity of body types in Apex Legends, describing her as a ‘capable scavenger’. Kevin Lee also adds that Vantage doesn’t really get social cues or manners, but loves to interject with fun facts she picked up from her only source of information growing up, an encyclopaedia.

Vantage’s Passive ability is ‘Spotter’s Lens’, allowing Vantage to read tactical info on enemy squads from a distance, like Legend name, shield rarity, team size and range. Her Tactical ability utilises Echo and is called ‘Echo Relocation’. Essentially, Vantage can target a position for Echo to take, and then launch herself to that position to quickly navigate the map. Her Ultimate ability is ‘Sniper’s Mark’, using Vantage’s custom sniper rifle to reveal enemies with its scope with its ammunition, as a successful hit on an enemy highlights a squad for 10 seconds with a marker, and each successive hit scaling damage up. You don’t have to use all the bullets in Vantage’s Ultimate at once, and you don’t have to wait for the gun to get all the bullets either, choosing to engage with the sniper rifle whenever you want.

The game’s designers were quick to clarify that Echo, cute as he is, cannot be downed or damaged. In addition, his relocation ability can be seen by enemy teams, as observant players may be able to see Echo’s location to predict where Vantage may launch herself, as well as track her with accompanying sound and visual effects.

Apex Legends: Hunted launches on 9 August.