Ubisoft Announces Free to Play Battle Royale Hyper Scape

July 3, 2020

We’ll be honest, with the release of Apex Legends we though that the run on battle royale shooters may have ended. As with other new breakout genres like the MOBA, you tend to see a few years of rapid growth and iteration from companies wanting to get in on the action. Then the dust settles, people realise the market is becoming over-saturated, with only a couple of games left and new entries into the genre few and far between. It felt like we might’ve hit that spot with PUBG, Fortnite and Apex Legends as the three left, but now Ubisoft is ready to enter the Battle Royale market with Hyper Scape.

Developed by the team behind Rainbow Six Siege, Hyper Scape is a fast paced barre Royale, eschewing the genres slow, deliberate beginnings made popular by PUBG. Instead, the game looks closer to Apex Legends, with champions, fast paced combat and movement, and lootable special abilities like Shield, Invisibility and Mine.

Right now the only way to get access to Hyper Scape’s technical alpha is to watch streamers playing the game via Twitch (the full list of streams can be found here) using the Twitch Drop functionality, but it looks as though the alpha isn’t yet available in Australia. We’ll update this article when we receive confirmation of when Australians can expect to jump in to Hyper Scape.