Tuesday Gaming News – 16/09/13

September 17, 2013

Happy Grand Theft Auto day! With GTAV‘s release it seems the news should wait… just a quick word of warning to Xbox 360 owners DO NOT INSTALL THE SECOND PLAY DISC!! Doing so leads to CANCER! Well, maybe not cancer, but it does lessen the experience. On the other hand, if you are one of the few gamers that didn’t get a copy – kick back, wipe those salty, salty tears from your eyes and console yourself with a nice glass of RC news.

  • Don’t believe the naysayers – PS3 aint dead yet! Far from it in fact, the ol’ dog is still kicking goals as Far Car 3 and Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen join the ranks of PS+ freebies this October.
  • Rumour has it that Sony’s karoake king SingStar is to be released as a “free to play” title later this year. Watch this space.
  • Kevin Tancharoen, the creator of the hit web series Mortal Kombat: Legacy has some good news about a possible Mortal Kombat movie reboot, stating “the script is in a good place, we’re just kind of figuring out the budget and locations and that whole process is where we’re at.” Instead of continuing the web series, Tancharoen plans to “start fresh” – but fear not die hard fans! As Season 2 of MK: Legacy goes live on September 26! Check out the trailer here.


  • Time to send those flabby thumbs and chubby pointers back to boot camp as Battlefield 4 Beta goes live October 1.
  • That fantastic game that everyone should play, more commonly known as Terraria, is getting an update October 1. Check out the trailer below to see what’s new.

  • NBA Live will actually make an appearance this year, with NBA Live ’14 being released on PS4 and XbOne November 19. Live ’14 will be the first release of the series since NBA Live ’10.
  • Rockstar have already announced their YouTube policy when it comes to GTAV footage, reserving “the right to remove content we find objectionable on a case by case basis and to change our policy from time to time, but we do promise if there is anything we do change we will make sure to let you know.” These include spoilers, in-game entertainment (TV & Radio shows etc.) as well as any pre-release footage. Their vigilance has come from a bunch of footage that leaked last week thanks to a bunch of skilled jerks.
  • And finally, for all you GTAV cats out there (yes yes feel those salty tears return, GTAV-less reader) the following is the Los Santos map spread over Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane to give you an idea of just how damn big this thing is. Oh, hey – there’s my house!