Rocket League Salty Shores Washes Up Next Week

May 23, 2018

Psyonix has revealed a brand new update is heading our way next week, and players will be taken back to the 80’s with the free Rocket League Salty Shores DLC. The new DLC will include a free beach themed arena, as well as many new beach themed vanity items for your car.

Rocket League is a soccer game played out using vehicles that have boost and can do amazing aerial stunts. It has more than 25 million unique players and continues to thrive, with the game about to enter its 8th competitive season. Rocket League is also recognised by eSports, with fierce competitions held worldwide.

Watch the rather washed up 80’s themed official Rocket League Salty Shores trailer below:


The ‘Salty Shores’ content update dropping on May 29 is all about Rocket League fun in the sun, starting with ‘Salty Shores,’ our brand new seaside Arena! As our sunniest map to date, Salty Shores should keep the good vibes going year-round as a permanent addition to all online Playlists! This update also brings with it the start of Competitive Season 8.

As mentioned, Rocket League will enter its 8th season of competitive play during this summer update, so make sure you’ve tied up any loose ends in your 2’s and maybe queue individually for 3’s solo to actually try and find a game!

The Rocket League Salty Shores update will launch on May 29, 2018 while the Summer Event will run from June 11 to July 2. The updates will be available on Windows PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch platforms.

For more information on Rocket League, head to the official website here.