The Official PS5 Teardown Video Is Here

October 8, 2020

We here at Rocket Chainsaw love a good year down video. Not only do you get to see the guts of the product you’re about to buy, maybe catching a glimpse of something unannounced, but you can also gain a better understanding of announced features from them. With next-gen so close, any news regarding the PS5 is exciting at this point, so a teardown is exactly what we’ve been waiting for.

Posted on the offical PlayStation Twitter account, the official PS5 teardown video is just over seven minutes of glorious console innards. There’s an absolutely massive fan in the PS5, places in the corner of the unit to pull air in from both the front and side of the console. We’ve also got one hell of a heatsink here, which PlayStation says gives the same performance as a vapid chamber. We also got a look at the SSD expansion port, which looks to be relatively easy to access and will seemingly be compatible with all NVME SSD sizes, even if it will only take extremely high speed ones. There’s a couple of dust catchers to stop the innards from getting too dusty, while there’s a spaciousness to the design that is obviously there to help with heat dissipation. It’s pretty clear that they wanted to make sure the PS5 stayed cool, based on what this teardown shows.

There we go, we’ve finally gotten the PS5 teardown we’ve been waiting for. The PS5 launches in Australia on November 12th, so stay tuned to Rocket Chainsaw for more coverage as we get closer to launch.