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Good Game cancelled

Long-running ABC TV video game show Good Game has been cancelled in a shock decision just weeks before its 2017 season was due to start airing.

The production team released the following statement regarding the cancellation:

Sad news. After the program’s summer break, two of the key presenters of Good Game announced they were leaving to pursue other opportunities.

In light of this major setback, and changes to the way audiences are choosing to get their information about gaming, the ABC has decided to end the long and successful run of the show. We plan to continue Spawn Point in a new format.

We expect to retain all the remaining Good Game team.

The ABC would like to acknowledge the wonderful work of Janet Carr and all of the Good Gamers. Any show that makes it to a 10th birthday is something to be proud of. Good Game pioneered video game TV. Its commitment to innovation repeatedly and appropriately awarded. The show had a tremendous run and plenty of adventures, none of which would have happened without the ongoing love and support of you, the GG community.

Thank you.

Presenter Steven ‘Bajo’ O’Donell announced via Twitter that he would have a personal statement regarding the cancellation later today. The spin-off Good Game Spawn Point series will continue, though what format it will take is not yet known.

Over its time on television, Good Game became an important hub for both local developers and international developers, and has grown to be widely respected in the gaming community.

The staff at Rocket Chainsaw would like to wish the Good Game team all the best on their future endeavours.

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