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Thatgamecompany teases Thatnextgame

Thatnextgame from Thatgamecompany
Thatnextgame from Thatgamecompany

The creators of Flow, Flower, and Journey have taken to Twitter to reveal they are working on a new project. Thatgamecompany teases Thatnextgame, or at least, that’s what they’re calling it at the moment. Yes the developers are actually called Thatgamecompany, but we’re unsure if Thatnextgame will actually end up being called Thatnextgame.

Thatgamecompany has released a video game every three years since 2006, exclusively for Sony’s Playstation video games consoles and handhelds. It has now been four and a half years since we were blessed with the critically acclaimed Journey, so we are very eager to see how Thatgamecompany teases Thatnextgame in the future, and when exactly we’ll be able to see what Thatnextgame is all about.

Thatgamecompany teases Thatnextgame

The developers posted three teaser images today on their Twitter account, then combined all three with a 2017 release date, saying “We hope you’ll enjoy @thatnextgame, and in the meantime we’re hiring.

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