Posted September 5, 2019 by Tim Norman in Feature

Terry Bogard announced for Smash

Terry Bogard in Smash
Terry Bogard in Smash

In something of a surprise announcement, Today’s Nintendo Direct revealed today that the fourth Challenger Pack for Super Smash Bros Ultimate would be SNK fighting game legend Terry Bogard.

Bogard made his first appearance in Fatal Fury back in 1991, and is one of the most recognisable characters from SNK’s fighting game stable. His appearance in Smash marks the latest in a short run of guest appearances that also includes last year’s Fighting EX Layer and SNK Heroines, where he took on a much more feminine appearance.

Terry Bogard will launch in November 2019. Speaking of launch dates, Nintendo also revealed that the third challenger pack, Banjo & Kazooie, would be out today.

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