Terry Bogard available now for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

November 8, 2019

Earlier this week Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director, Masahiro Sakurai, hosted a special video presentation showcasing Terry Bogard, the latest fighter to join the playable roster. Terry Bogard is available for download right now, along with title update 6.0.

The presentation went into great depth showing off Terry’s moveset, with Sakurai even playing through his classic mode stages. Sakurai also showed off a new The King of Fighters stage, highlighting a list of characters which will appear in the background while you fight opponents. The stage will feature a massive 50 music tracks, not just from Fatal Fury but a wide selection of SNK’s library.

Mii Fighter costumes based on Nakoruru (Samurai Shodown), Ryo Sakazaki (Art of Fighting), Iori Yagami (The King of Fighters), Akira (Virtua Fighter) and Jacky (Virtua Fighter) were shown. These are available for purchase from the eShop now.

You can check out all the tweaks and new features of title update version 6.0.0 by checking out Nintendo’s official support page. We have included the demonstration video and various trailers below. Nintendo have yet to announce the next character who will join the playable fighter roster.