Sunday Gaming News – 24/2/2013

February 24, 2013

Well, we had one really big event in the gaming world this week. Yep, that’s right, it was my birthday on Thursday. Oh, and Sony announced some kind of gaming thing that you play games on.

  • Speaking of the Playstation 4, Id Software’s John Carmack thinks that Sony made “wise engineering choices” with the new console. In his tweet, he mentioned that he can’t speculate much further, so it’s fair to say that Id has a devkit to work on software for the upcoming system. Carmack also opined that the original Playstation had the best hardware of its generation (he described the Saturn as “nuts”) and that the N64 was premature in its shift to “SGI pixels”.
  • Ubisoft wants to improve its relationship with PC gamers. The company took an important step forward to doing this earlier in the week when it opened up Uplay (basically Ubisoft’s version of EA’s Origin service) to third-party publishers and developers. The company has also taken a step back from its internet-required DRM scheme. There may still be a long way to go, but it seems Ubisoft is at least trying to win back the PC gaming community.
  • Team Meat have revealed details for Mew-Genics, their follow-up to the very successful Super Meat Boy. The game is, to paraphrase, a “crazy cat-lady simulation”, in which you manage a bunch of cats in a house. In his blog, Edmund McMillan described the game as the most complex he’s ever worked on, and tells a story of what happened to a particular cat in one of his tests. The game also has a pretty unique look:
  • If you wanted to play DayZ, it used to be that you had to go through the process of buying, downloading and installing ArmA II Combined Operations, then installing DayZ on top of that, then doing… things to get the whole thing running. Not anymore! DayZ is now available as a direct install from Steam. You’ll still need Arma II Combined Operations to use the mod, of course, but Steam availability will dramatically simplify the process and get many more people playing the game while we wait for the upcoming standalone version.