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Smite Rivals announced for PC, Tablets and Mobile

2017 has already heated up for Hi-Rez Studios’ Smite franchise. Not only has the recently announced Smite Tactics entered its closed beta test on PC, but details of upcoming season 4 content have also been revealed. Some of season 4’s highlights include the new Celtic Patheon (with the first god being The Morrigan), an improved matchmaking system which lets players search for matches across multiple game modes at the same time, and various new gameplay tweaks and additions.

The biggest news to be revealed via press release today though is that there will be a second spin-off game on PC, tablets and mobile devices called Smite Rivals. Described as a “collectible card arena”,  the game features a three lane map similar to Smite’s Conquest mode. Your objective is to build a deck of cards with a god, minions and spells, and use them to destroy your opponent’s base. The game will have a free-to-play business model, sync your progress between all three devices, and feature cross-promotional content with the main Smite game – character skins were specifically mentioned.

Those interested in signing up for early access can register their email address at the official Smite Rivals website. Smite Rivals is anticipated to release in early 2017.


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