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Chinese Pantheon And More Come to Smite Tactics

Hi-Rez Studios has begun aggressively expanding the universe of Smite, beginning with their new turn based strategy game Smite Tactics. Battles in Smite Tactics combine a turn-based battle system with a grid-based playing field and deck-based card mechanics to create a unique experience taking advantage of the existing Gods and monsters of Smite.

Last week the game received a rather large update, as it transitions from Alpha to a Closed Beta. This included the introduction of the Chinese Pantheon of Gods, bringing with it a brand new set of cards, Gods, monsters and a new story campaign to play through. This deck promises to add a new level of depth to the game, with some unique cards that, when played correctly, can combine extremely well.

Along with the Chinese Pantheon, the update also introduced a brand new Ranked Mode to the game, allowing you to face off against other players for something other than just plain fun, as well as a revamped tutorial which contains new story elements sure to please fans of Smite.

Currently Smite Tactics is in Closed Beta and you can sign up for your chance at a code over at the official site, otherwise, stay tuned later this week when we will be given away some codes for the game.


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