Rocket League Season 11 adds Nissan Silvia, new arena

June 12, 2023

If you’re looking for something to play as the long weekend winds up, Rocket League has just launched its Season 11, including a real world car and a not-so real world arena.

The Nissan Silvia will be unlocked immediately for Rocket League players with Rocket Pass Premium, however it will still be available to players to unlock as they progress through the season’s Rocket Pass. Season 11 also includes the Estadio Vida Arena, a new neon sea-side arena, and a limited Birthday Ball event will be coming up in the next few months to celebrate Rocket League‘s 8th anniversary.

It’s been a rather eventful 8 years for Rocket League, beginning as a free PlayStation Plus game back in the PS4, before rocketing (pun intended) into a global phenomenon, adopted as an esport with televised broadcasts even in Australia. The game is still simple enough for anyone to pick up and play as well, as even with 11 seasons of content, it is ultimately soccer with cars. After getting a chance to dive back into it last week, it’s still a lot of fun with a group of mates, whether you’re playing with Nissan Silvia’s or no, especially in some of the additional modes like ‘Rumble’, which has randomised power-ups for each car.

You can check out more info about Season 11 on the official website