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On-going Rocket League Issues After Tournaments Update

Currently the Rocket League servers are unresponsive across all platforms. Queues are endless, and gamers are frustrated. It all began with the Tournaments update which rolled out last week, introducing a new tournament style of gameplay. Unbeknownst to fans at the time however, it has since riddled the game with ping and packet loss errors, frame-rate issues, drop-outs, and all-round lag issues.

*UPDATE*: After half an hour of the servers not connecting, they have resumed with the same Tournaments update glitches and errors.

The official word on Psyonix’s Twitter feed has been silence, with no updates since April 2, so what’s going on? A WWE Wrestlemania 34 update was put in place yesterday giving gamers some unique WWE items, but this update did not address any of the errors and glitches that are frustrating Rocket League players. So far, we have been left in the dark.

Check out the new wheels you can get in the Rocket League WWE update below:

WWE Rocket League

The logical thing to do to fix the Rocket League issues would be to roll back the Tournaments update, given it is having issues of its own including players being able to win a tournament without even playing a game. We await an official response from Psyonix.

Let us know in the comments below how you’ve been handling the recent Rocket League issues after the Tournaments update.

Rocket League is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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