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Rocket League Tournaments Beta Coming Next Week

We have some big news today for Rocket League fans. Psyonix is finally building organised competition into Rocket League online. Rocket League Tournaments Beta will be available for download on Steam starting in Australia on Thursday, February 22, with the beta ending on Saturday, February 24. The beta is purpose-built to test functionality and the new UI created for the Tournaments system.

Currently only available on Windows PC via Steam, Rocket League Tournaments is planned to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch platforms in the Spring update later this year, as well as including cross-platform party support meaning it won’t matter what platform your friends are playing Rocket League on, you’ll be able to party up and play together with ease.

Watch the official Rocket League Tournaments beta teaser trailer below:


How do you get into the Rocket League Tournaments beta? Easy!

If you own a copy of Rocket League on Steam, all you’ll need to do, starting February 21, is 1) go to your Steam Library on your computer and right-click Rocket League, 2) choose ‘Properties,’ 3) click the ‘BETAS’ tab in the pop-up window, and 4) choose ‘Tournaments Beta’ from the drop-down list. After closing the pop-up window, your Steam client will update Rocket League to the beta.

Once you have the Rocket League Tournaments Beta downloaded, you will be able to create your own tournaments and join competitions created by other players.

A few things to keep in mind if you want in on the beta:

  • The Rocket League Tournaments Beta replaces the ‘Live’ version you already have installed, but it will NOT erase your XP, inventory, replays, or other player data.
    • Your control configuration and some audio and video settings may change.
  • Competitive Playlists will not be available in the Tournaments Beta.
    • Other functionality may also be limited.
  • Once the Tournaments Beta is over, or at anytime during the beta if you want to hop into a Competitive Playlist, simply go back to the ‘BETAS’ tab in the menu we mentioned above, choose ‘NONE – Opt out of all beta programs,’ from the same drop-down list, and Steam will download the latest ‘Live’ version of Rocket League.
  • There is no cross-platform functionality in the Rocket League Tournaments Beta.

The Rocket League Tournaments Beta will begin at 10AM PST on February 21 and conclude at 5PM PST on February 23. Translating to AEST, that’s starting 5AM on February 22 and ending at noon on February 24.

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