Killzone Shadow Fall: Intercept Review

July 28, 2014

If there was ever a game begging for the inclusion of a horde mode, Killzone is an ideal candidate. Killing waves of Helghast in the tradition of Call of Duty‘s zombie mode is a alluring proposition, and the Killzone Shadow Fall: Intercept downloadable content allows players to do just that.

In a nutshell, Intercept teams four players together against waves of Helghast soldiers. It’s basic, entertaining gameplay, yet with somewhat of a unique take on the more traditional horde mode. Each player is assigned a class and the game tasks you with archiving the highest score possible. Wrecking havoc on legions of Helghast troops is a lot of fun and the cooperative context bypasses any of the game’s issues with single and multiplayer.


Intercept includes four maps, with players defending three beacons from invading Helghast forces. Before a match, each player takes the role of one of four pre-determined classes. Each of Intercept‘s different classes are well-designed and they encourage players to utilise their particular character’s skillset to benefit the entire teamwork. Each class also comes with a special rechargeable ability to assist in the fight against the Helghast. Assault players generally take the front line, vanquishing red-eyed soldiers while deploying a portable drone that helps shoots at the enemy. Also on the team is a sniper and a tactician, the latter of who can deploy portable turrets and shields. The medic is possibly the most vital member of the team. He can drop crates of ammo a la Battlefield, deploy a healing drone – and most importantly – revive fallen comrades.

As mentioned, Intercept not only tasks players with surviving waves of enemies, but also achieving the highest possible score. Points double as your in-game money, with funds netted for every Helghast defeated or beacon captured. However, points can drain away very quickly, with every respawn costing the group 50 points. Hence, the importance of the medic cannot be understated.


Further, without any points to fund a respawn, the number of players on your team will slowly dwindle until the invading Helghast forces become too overwhelming. Players can bank all of the points they have accumulated at any time, but death resets your score to zero. Playing it safe and banking your points regularly, versus staying in the fight and growing your funds but possibly risk loosing it all, certainly injects some fresh air into the traditional horde mode. Further, unlike Gears of War and Call of Duty, enemies do not spawn in waves. Instead, Intercept plays out like a single ever-increasing wave of enemies, without any time to stop in between before more Helghast appear. As a result, matches go very quickly and gameplay is intense.

Finding a game sometimes proved difficult for us, so potential buyers should be warned that longevity may prove an issue. Nevertheless, Intercept is a solid addition to Killzone Shadow Fall, and is highly recommended to fans of the series and anyone who likes a good survival modes. Intercept is included as part of the Killzone Shadow Fall season pass and is available for purchase separately on PSN for $14.95.


Intense wave mode - Encourages teamwork - Well-designed class system


Difficulty finding matches - Requires a good medic or your team is done for

Overall Score: