Persona 4: Golden Is Getting Localised

May 5, 2012

Atlus have announced that their enhanced version of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, set for release on the PlayStation Vita in Japan next month, will be receiving an English language localisation. Called Persona 4: Golden, the game is an enhanced port, featuring more voice acting, reamstered graphics, a new opening animation with a new song from Shoji Meguro, a number of new anime cutscenes, new personas, new combination attacks, new character outfits, new events, and a new female character called Marie, who will aid the party in their quest for the truth behind a series of mysterious murders. The game will also support the PS Vita’s wireless networking features, with players now having the opportunity to call for help from other online players during battles. Players will also have access to a new garden where they can grow various items that can be used inside dungeons. Atlus released a batch of screenshots to accompany the announcement, which you can view below (click for a larger view).









For those who have played the original PlayStation 2 version, the improvement in the game’s graphics is certainly noticeable. Persona 4: Golden will be released this spring in North America, with a PAL release sure to follow, if the series’ history is anything to go by. Even if a local release doesn’t eventuate though, you’ll still be able to import a copy, as the PS Vita is a region free console.