Are Persona 3 and 4 Coming to Steam?

June 10, 2020

Persona 4

Atlus and the Persona brand-specifically has been long associated with the PlayStation brand. From original releases to ports and expanded releases, the Shin Megami Tensei spin-off series has never left the PlayStation Nation. For years, gamers on other platforms have wondered if the series would ever jump off that exclusivity ship and release on another platform, with rumours reaching a fever pitch in the last couple of years with hopes of a Nintendo Switch port of Persona 5. It looks like those hopes could finally come to fruition in some form, with Atlus being found to be a partner of the PC Gaming Show occurring this weekend.

Further reporting this week from Gematsu, based on rumours on Twitter and tip offs they’ve received directly, point to Atlus revealing Persona 4 Golden on Sunday with a shadow dropped release on Steam. It would mark on the second game Atlus have published on Steam, and could even be a sign of things to come if they’re willing to start supporting Steam (We would certainly love a port of Persona 5 Royal) and the PC ecosystem with one of their biggest ever games. Further Twitter rumours (that have since been deleted) also indicated that some form of Persona 3 (FES, Portable or the original release) could be released as well, however Gematsu wasn’t able to verify that information.

If you’re wanting to watch live to see if an announcement of Persona 4 Golden for Steam occurs, the PC Gaming Show kicks off at 4AM AEST on Sunday June 14th. Not feeling like getting up early? Rocket Chainsaw will have a summary article covering everything announced at the show later that morning.

UPDATE: Persona 4 Golden has since shadowdropped since this article was written, with all the details in our post here.