Persona 4 Golden Sales Are Massive After Launching On Steam

July 11, 2020

There’s absolutely no doubt that Persona is a well loved franchise that has simply kept selling better with each iteration. Since Persona 3 hit the mainstream in the West, the series has absolutely boomed, all while remaining a PlayStation exclusive throughout its life. So when Persona 4 Golden was shadow dropped on Steam and near instantly became the global best seller on the store, it was clear that fans were happy to see the franchise finally move over onto the platform. Now, Atlus have confirmed that Persona 4 Golden sales on Steam have been fantastic.

While the number quoted for Persona 4 Golden isn’t sales on Steam, but instead players on Steam, it’s clear that sales would be around that 500,000 mark, if not higher. While there are potentially some review copies or family sharing numbers included in there, those numbers are probably negligible in the team scheme of things. Either way, it’s clear that Persona 4 Golden has been a massive success on Steam.

So what’s next, we hear you ask? What will happen now, with Persona 4 Golden sales so strong on PC? Well, maybe the rumours of Persona 3 coming to steam could end up being correct or maybe we’ll see a port of the fantastic Persona 5 RoyalEither way, we don’t believe this will be the last time we see the franchise on Steam or the PC.