Persona OSTs Now Available On Spotify

January 5, 2021

If you’ve played any Persona game from Persona 3 onwards than you’re likely already aware of the series amazing soundtracks. With funky bass lines, plenty of keyboard and heaps of energy, Persona has a unique and recognisable flavour to its OSTs. Now, after years of waiting, those same Persona OSTs are finally available on Spotify.

If you’ve never looked into buying Japanese game OSTs before you might not be aware of just how hard, and expensive, it can become to get your hands on them. CDs are far from the $20 affairs were used to in Australia, with many single and multi-disc game OSTs running at upwards of $50 before accounting for shipping and other costs. This is part of the reason why Atlus finally making the Persona OSTs available on Spotify is a big deal.

You’re not just relegated to the mainline Persona OSTs on Spotify either, with the likes of Persona 4 Dancing All Night, Persona Q and a section of live recordings becoming available as well. There’s a massive selection to partake in, with over 33 hours of music to listen to. The most notable absence comes in the form of Persona 5 Royal (a game we absolutely adored),with the expanded OST from that game missing.

If you’re interested in jamming to Lyn and co. from the Persona OSTs on Spotify, head on over to the official playlist which includes every track available (thus allowing you to easily find the individual albums as well).