New Super Mario Bros. U details from GameInformer

September 8, 2012

The year of 2012 brings us not just one New Super Mario Bros. game (see our New Super Mario Bros. 2 review), but two. Later this year, when Nintendo takes their first steps into ‘high definition’ gaming with their next generation Wii U console, they’ll be launching (or so we hope) with New Super Mario Bros. U. Yep, that’s high definition side scrolling Super Mario Bros., if there ever was such a thing.

Though demoed at E3 2012, Nintendo has been recycling the same levels over and over for various press events, leaving much left to be learned about NSMBU. Luckily GameInformer magazine has us covered. In the US, the latest issue’s cover story is none other than NSMBU, and in the hands of subscribers (including some lucky folk on NeoGAF), we have some new details about the Wii U’s first major Mario game.

The first major change to NSMBU compared to past NSMB games is the world map. NSMBU will call inspiration directly from Super Mario World, featuring not multiple, compartmentalised worlds but instead one giant world map where all worlds are connected. Multiple unlockable paths, similar to other Super Mario Bros. world maps will allow players to work their way around the world map in different ways and discover hidden levels, depending on whether or not they can find secret exits in stages.

During their play time GameInformer was able to spot seven different worlds: Acorn Plains, the tropical Sparkling Waters, Frosted Glacier, the sugary Layer Cake Desert, and worlds similar to Super Mario World‘s Forest of Illusion and Star World. There was also a world surrounded by a tornado. We’re guessing you’ll need to work towards that.

Staples of the NSMB┬áseries return, including bosses Boom-Boom and the Kooperlings, each providing challenges for mid-world fortresses and end-world castles respectively. We’re sure Bowser is in there somewhere too.

The last thing GameInformer noted is a new challenge mode: Boost Rush. Aimed at higher skilled players who like to move fast, Boost Rush forces auto-scrolling on stages, giving no time to stop and catch your breath. Should be welcome addition for those looking for a little extra challenge in their NSMB.

New Super Mario Bros. U is currently without an official release date or price. Same for the Wii U. However, as the Wii U is expected/planned to release by the end of the year, New Super Mario Bros. U is an expected launch title. We’ll have more on the game as it becomes available.