New Super Mario Bros. 2 Announced

April 21, 2012

During Nintendo’s April ‘Nintendo Direct’ live stream, company CEO Satoru Iwata revealed what will be known as New Super Mario Bros. 2. A 2D sidescrolling Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS, and somewhat ‘sequel’ to New Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros Wii, the game’s existence was revealed months ago at a fiscal year investors briefing, though without any title or information. On the Nintendo Direct live stream, Iwata showed off the first few screenshots, confirming a graphical style in line with previous New Super Mario Bros. games, as well as the return of ‘classic’ items such as the P-wing and Raccoon suit.

Additionally, Nintendo plans to launch New Super Mario Bros. 2 as early as August this year, at least for Japan. Hopefully we’ll have it around the same time, and no doubt Nintendo will reveal much more at E3 2012. Until then, check out the first few screenshots of New Super Mario Bros. 2 below.