Super Mario Maker 2 World Maker Mode Coming Tomorrow

April 21, 2020

Out of nowhere, Nintendo have revealed that Super Mario Maker 2 will be receiving its final content update tomorrow, which will add a brand new world map creator mode called World Maker among other things.

My dream for a Mario Maker game has always been to create my own full worlds, going beyond the level by level design that is currently possible in the game. Creating massive maps with themed levels that share a cohesive design and can come together to create an experience that individual levels and playlists can’t quite do on their own. That will now be possible, with the ability to create and link together up to 8 world maps and a total of 40 courses. You’ll also have the ability to customise the look of the world map itself, giving you even more freedom to tailor it to your liking.

Along with World Maker mode, a swath of other content will be added to the game with this update, including all seven Koopalings, terrifier of small children Phanto and Mechakoopas. Some missing series powerups are also coming with the update, including the frog suit from Super Mario Bros. 3, the Power Balloon from Super Mario World, the Super Acorn from New Super Mario Bros. U and the Power Boomerang from Super Mario 3D World.

Super Mario Maker 2 is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch right now, with this free update coming out tomorrow. In the meantime, check out the reveal trailer below and our review of the game.