New Super Mario Bros. 2 Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

July 6, 2012

Nintendo want your non-virtual coins, and they’re hoping to get some more of them by offering a special pre-order bonus for New Super Mario Bros. 2. While the bonus only applies to the UK at this point, it’s highly likely that we’ll see the same offer locally. Pre-ordering the game at either GAME or Gamestation will reward gamers with a limited edition collectable gold coin Nintendo 3DS case. In the shape of a large Mushroom Kingdom coin, the case is big enough to hold a number of small items, including the game’s cartridge and your spare stylus. New Super Mario Bros. 2 is set for release in Australia on the 18th of August. It’ll be the first full retail 3DS game to be available for purchase from Nintendo’s eShop, though the pricing is unknown at this point.