Super Mario Maker 2 Zelda Crossover Coming This Week

December 3, 2019

Just when you thought you’d seen every crossover coming in 2019, Nintendo has today revealed a Super Mario Maker 2 Zelda update which will allow you to not only play as Link, but also use the Master Sword, bombs, and his bow and arrow.

Nintendo made the announcement halfway through a four and a half minute trailer you can watch below, which also includes details about everything else coming in Super Mario Maker 2 Update 2 this week.

Update 2 will also bring loads of new level items and a new mode. New items include Spike, Pokey, Frozen Coin, P Block, and Dash Block, while the new mode being added is called Ninji Speedruns which will pit you against the ghosts of other player’s times for each level. This new timetrial style mode will allow you to keep a constant check on your pace if you’re trying to break into the leaderboards, and also show you how other players are bouncing their way through each level.

Watch the official Super Mario Maker 2 Zelda Update 2 trailer below:


Rocket Chainsaw reviewed Super Mario Maker 2 at launch, giving it 3.5 stars and saying, “Super Mario Maker 2 excels at its baseline principle – being an amazing vessel for your Mario creations. Beyond this, the additional trappings of the game leave a bit to be desired.” Update 2 looks to relieve some of our original concerns, and we’re looking forward to seeing what kind of Zelda-style levels people make.

The Super Mario Maker 2 Zelda Update 2 will be available to download on December 5th, only on Nintendo Switch. For more information, check out the official website here.