Neko Atsume film in production

November 9, 2016

Mobile cat collecting game Neko Atsume will be getting a live action film in Japan next year, Siliconera reports.

The film is being made by AMG Entertainment, and will star Atsushi Ito who portrays best-selling author Katsu Sakumoto. The young writer is suffering from writer’s block, so he retreats to a quiet area in hopes inspiration will strike him. One day Katsu notices a single cat on his porch, but the feline leaves when he attempts to speak to it. Katsu then leaves some food and overnight it disappears, paving the idea for the author’s Neko Atsume novel.

The game is a free-to-play title where players entice cats to visit their homes with food and toys. Players can take pictures of the cats and add them to a photo album which has biography information. It has proven particularly popular in Japan, where various Neko Atsume merchandise is available for purchase and even themed-cafes have opened.

It is currently unconfirmed if the film will receive a local release in Australia.