Hot Wheels Unleashed Track Builder Demonstrated In New Trailer

July 9, 2021

Mattel and Milestone have today released the Hot Wheels Unleashed Track Builder trailer, showcasing how you’ll be able to build your own tracks when the game launches in two months. Players will learn how to take control of the iconic orange track modules, the backbone of all the adrenaline races. Twisting, bending, stretching and finally placing every available module is now part of the pure racing fun experience.

Any part of each stage can be part of the track, meaning players can mix track modules with existing objects to create dynamic and unpredictable races. Players will also have the chance to bring their tracks to the next level, thanks to the special Track Builder Modules. More than 20 modules will be available at launch, such as T-Rex Escape, Spider Ambush, and the Hungry Cobra.

Players will also be able to share their creations and enjoy tracks made by others.

Rocket Chainsaw has been following the development of Hot Wheels Unleashed closely since its announcement in February.

Watch the official Hot Wheels Unleashed Track Builder trailer below:


Are you ready to create the most insane tracks ever? Take a look at the Track Builder and get ready to twist, bend, and place orange track in the Track Room or in your favorite environments, and add the Special Track Modules to take your race to the next level of craziness!

If that’s not enough Hot Wheels Unleashed Track Builder info, then check out this deep dive walkthrough where lead game designer Frederico Cardini takes you through how to build your own track. There is also a unique Track Room dedicated to allowing you to maximise your track space which doesn’t look dissimilar to a typical well-polished car garage. Check out the deep dive below:


Hot Wheels Unleashed will launch on September 30, 2021 on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. For more information, including which editions are available for pre-order, head to the official website.