Hot Wheels Unleashed Announced by Mattel and Milestone

February 27, 2021

Mattel and Milestone have announced they’ve been working together to create Hot Wheels Unleashed, an epic track racer where you’ll be able to build your digital collection of Hot Wheels as well as build your own track to race on. Long-time fans of the Hot Wheels franchise will find some oldschool and rare cars that they may have played with in their own childhood, as well as a range of modern vehicles to drift, boost, jump and crash across a wide range of unexpected locations both offline and in online multiplayer.

It was also announced that Hot Wheels Unleashed will launch in September across all major platforms. The last time we saw Hot Wheels in a video game was in the Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels expansion, which included a few Hot Wheels cars and some crazy tracks around fictional tropical islands off the coast of Australia.

While you’ve surely heard of the mega toy company Mattel, Milestone is also more than qualified to make a Hot Wheels game, having produced such titles as MotoGP, RIDE, Gravel, and some of the early licenced WRC Rally games. Together, Mattel and Milestone are working to bring Hot Wheels fans an amazing track racing experience.

Like many other team members who worked on the game, I’ve been playing with Hot Wheels since I was a child, and today I’m still a hungry Hot Wheels fan and collector,” said Michele Caletti, Executive Producer, Milestone. “This is the reason why we’re all so committed in delivering the purest and most authentic Hot Wheels gameplay experience ever in a videogame. We owe it to the Hot Wheels community and to our inner children.

Watch the official Hot Wheels Unleashed trailer below:


Hot Wheels Unleashed offers players the opportunity to drive the cars as if they were playing with the die-cast toys. The gameplay includes adrenaline-filled races, an extended choice of Hot Wheels vehicles with different attributes and rarity levels that players can customise with different skins, and jaw-dropping tracks set in everyday-life locations with special track pieces and interactive items. The game also features a revolutionary Track Editor enabling players to customise tracks in any game environment and share them with the game’s community.

Hot Wheels Unleashed will launch on September 30, 2021 on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. For more information, including which editions are available for pre-order, head to the official website.