Posted November 26, 2016 by Andrew Cathie in Feature

Hello Games Breaks Silence: No Man’s Sky Update Incoming

After no updates for the past 9 week, the official No Man’s Sky website has finally been updated by Hello Games with a brand new blog post.

In the post they have acknowledged the ‘intense and dramatic’ debate around the game at and after launch, and  have confirmed that while they have been quiet they have been listening to feedback and have been diligently working on updates for the game. They have also neatly sidestepped the real question that came from fans upon the launch of No Man’s Sky: Where is all that content shown in the trailers the week before launch?

The blog post is really only a vague update, advising that they are releasing what is called the ‘Foundation Update’ for the game, which will contain the foundations of base building and the platform for future content updates. While there are still no guarantees that Hello Games will patch or update the game with missing content or address all concerns with the game, it’s nice to see them finally give some acknowledgement of their fans frustrations, even if it’s small, and confirm that they are working to improve the game.

The No Man’s Sky Foundation Update will release later this week.

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