Fortnite to be first Unreal Engine 4 game

July 13, 2012

Thanks to a handy compilation of news over at NeoGAF, we today learn that Epic Games’ Fortnite will be the very first title to use the studio’s propriety engine ‘Unreal Engine 4’.

Announced a little while ago, Fortnite is a PC exclusive zombie survival game. Emphasising co-operative multiplayer, players will band together to build forts and equipment from salvaged gear. Originally announced as a free-to-play game, Epic is promising a Minecraft style business model, where Fortnite will be continually updated with fancy new content and features.

Epic has yet to decide on a release date for Fortnite, but hope to put it out “as soon as possible”. While we wait for a release, check out the first UE4 shots of the game below.