PS4 Cross-Play Beta Begins Today With Fortnite

September 27, 2018

Yes, you read that right. After months of campaigning from fans and developers, as well as denials and refusals from Sony higher ups as recently as this month, pross-play is coming to PlayStation 4. At least, in a limited and trial fashion to begin with.

John Kodera, the new President and Global CEO of Sony, announced via the PlayStation Blog in the late hours of last night that Sony had identified a path towards allowing the PlayStation 4 to join in the cross-play initiative being led on the console front by Microsoft and Nintendo. We’re not exactly sure what they mean by this, considering Epic have shown on at least 2 occasions that they can enable cross-play simply and easily, but we’re glad to hear that it’s finally becoming a reality.

To begin with, cross-play on PlayStation 4 will take the form of an open beta for Fortnite Battle Royale,where PlayStation 4 players will be able to play to compete against players on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One. This will allow for Sony to do a thorough test to make sure that cross-play is best on Playstation 4, “while being mindful about the user experience and social experience”.

For those that previously had to create a second epic account to play Fortnite on platforms outside of PlayStation 4, the official Fortnite twitter account has revealed that they will be introducing account merging in November, as well as allowing players to unlink consoles from an account, and then relinking them to another account, in the next few days.

From here, Sony will confirm more details in the future, but hopefully we’re entering a new golden age where gamers will be able to play games with their friends – regardless of the platform they purchased their games on.