Epic Files Lawsuit After Fortnite Is Removed From iOS

August 14, 2020

There’s been some interesting goings on over at Apple recently, with some frustrated companies starting to chafe at the bit with how the iOS App Store is managed. Microsoft have condemned Apple after XCloud was refused certification, causing Microsoft to have to ditch the platform for its upcoming streaming service. The latest company to run afoul of Apple is Epic Games, with Fortnite being removed from the  iOS App Store overnight.

The reason for this is down to a recent update Epic made to Fortnite which allowed iOS players to pay Epic directly for v-bucks at a discounted rate. This allowed Epic to give a 20% discount to players, but also mean that Apple wouldn’t get their standard 30% cut for the transaction. Because this breaches Apple’s rules, they removed the game from the store overnight. Given the game’s popularity on the platform, this is no doubt a big blow for Epic.

In retaliation, Epic Games has now filed a lawsuit against Apple, citing a monopolised market that prevents competition. Given the document is 65 pages long, we get the feeling that Epic made the update to Fortnite on iOS expecting it to get delisted and had the lawsuit ready to go if it did. Either way, we’re in for some interesting times as Apple and Epic duke it out in court.