E3 2012: Ubisoft Conference Liveblog

June 5, 2012

The Ubisoft conference starts soon, check back to see a full breakdown of the conference as it happens. Don’t forget to refresh often for the latest updates.

7:58 We’re about to begin.

8:02 Still waiting… as an aside, I’m watching this via Gamespot’s feed, which you can find here.

8:05 Looks like it’s finally starting up now.

8:06 Wait, is this Ubisoft or the Microsoft conference?

8:06  Just Dance 4. I wish I could identify the guy rapping, but I honestly have no idea who it is.

8:09 Apparently the rapper is Flo Rida. Well there you go.

8:11 “Yubisoft”

8:12 “Life. Powered. Play”

8:13 FarCry 3. Incidentally, Dan Hay looks and sounds not entirely unlike a clean-shaven Dave Callan.

8:14 Have to say it looks pretty nice.

8:19 Well this just got very Persona… Jason Brody enters some kind of altered state, sees a strange landscape. “You are me, and I am you”, we’re getting psychological here.

8:20 Well that’s FarCry 3.

8:20 Apparently FarCry 3 takes place on an entire archipeligo of islands.

8:23 Woo Splinter Cell. New game is Splinter Cell Blacklist. Shown at MS conference already, but we get the trailer again here.

8:25 I really wish someone would replace the host with someone less annoying.

8:26 Avengers: Battle For Earth. Coming to Wii U, apparently. It’s called Avengers, but Spiderman, Storm, Magneto and Wolverine are also fighting. It’ll be released in Spring.

8:28  Rayman Legends. New Wii U title. Ooh, we ge to see the Wii U Pro controller in action.

8:30 This is probably the first real example of how the Wii U controller can work with a proper game. Looks pretty cool so far. Will support up to 5 players simultaneously using a combination of touchscreen, Wiimotes and the Pro controller. Co-op is being focused on more than ever, with a new playable character called Murphy, who is controlled using the Wii U tablet’s touch screen

8:33 This is actually a pretty great demonstration of how the controller works in action.

8:34 Zombie game. Trailer seems to be ripping pretty hard on the original Fallout 3 trailer.

8:37 Zombi U. Wii U exclusive that looks pretty cool. Zombi U is the game once known new Killer Freaks, and a dramatic pre-rendered trailer was shown. No relation to the movie series, as far as I can tell.

8:38 Wii U trailer. New Rabbids game, Just Dance, Skid To Victory (a new kart racer), Sports Connection, Avengers and Assassin’s Creed 3.

8:39 Assassin’s Creed 3. Finally.

8:42 Pretty excited about this to be honest. Looks fantastic.

8:43 AC3 in-game footage. Looks pretty good.

8:44 It’s the Assassin’s Creed/Deer Hunter crossover we’ve all been waiting for!

8:45 In all honesty, this does look really good. Connor can even fight wolves and bears. Can’t wait for it to come out. Lots of riding around in open country, which is a nice change.

8:49 Seriously, the entire Ubisoft presser should have just been one guy playing AC3.

8:51 AC3 covers a 30 year time-period around the time of the American Revolution. Apparently the Templars are the bad guys, not the British.

8:52 Not even the audience is feeling the “chemistry” between these hosts. Now we’re talking about “e-sports”, as though Blizzard hasn’t been doing it for 14 years.

8:55 I have to do this. If you’re not watching the live feed, you have no idea how obnoxious and awful Ubisoft’s hosts are. I feel sorry for every person in that theatre.

8:56 Now for a guys vs girls match up in… Shootmania.

9:00 I wish I had more to offer here, but I honestly know nothing about Shootmania. Looks alright, but I think I’ll stick to TF2.

9:02 Shootmania is a free-to-play online shooter. Well there you go. And now a rundown of all of Ubisoft’s online/competitive titles.

9:04 Yve Guillemot takes the stage to announce a new IP.

9:05 So far, so generically cyberpunk.

9:08 New IP is “Watch_Dogs”.

9:09 Apparently you play a man who has access to the control systems for an entire city. Has a definite modern cyberpunk feel to it. Open-world game. Seems to borrow some concepts from the AC games, but gives it a different twist, using a modern interconnected world.

9:11 This is actually the most interesting thing they’ve shown so far. Moreso than Ac3, even.

9:14 For some reason, I’m getting a bit of an Eden of the East vibe from this game as well. Similar concept with regards to the “use a phone to access an all powerful system to do whatever you need to save Japan/the city/the world”. Noblesse Oblige indeed. The player character hacks the traffic lights to cause a pileup, and catch his target. Nice.

9:19 Well that looked pretty spectacular.

9:20 Looks like we’re wrapping up now. Gotta say, they saved it at the end there with Watch Dogs.

Well ,that’s it for Ubisoft. Next up is the Sony presser at 10am Eastern time. Look forward to it!