Daily Gaming News – 7/1/2013

January 7, 2013

  • NEWS: Graphics processing manufacturing giant nVidia has today announced their foray into the world of portable gaming. Info compiled over at NeoGAF points to a device known as Shield, appearing very much like a traditional control pad with a screen attached. Shield is powered by nVidia’s 72 core Terga 4 processor, outputting to a 5-inch 720p/294ppi multi-touch display. Powered by a pure Android firmware, Shield boasts a host of multimedia and connectivity abilities, allowing users to stream from PC, play 4K videos, Cloud gaming, local wireless multiplayer, and more. Shield is aiming for a release in the second quarter of 2013, so not long from now, though nVidia is yet to give a concrete date nor price.
  • NEWS: German website Golem.de has confirmed, if it wasn’t confirmed already, that Valve’s Steambox is the real deal. Reporting word from a Valve electronics engineer, the Steambox apparently runs on a Linux back end, is likely to reveal at GDC 2013 or E3 2013, and may even be targetting a release sometime later this year.
  • NEWS: According to Tom Ohle’s twitter, CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk will get a trailer this week. We can’t wait.
  • NEWS: Both Nintendo’s official Pokemon website, and the Nintendo of America twitter, are teasing a big Pokemon announcement for the 8th of January. That’s tomorrow. Could it be a new game? Movie?
  • NEWS: A free game developed by Melbourne-based Millipede Creative Development is now available on the iTunes App Store, designed to make kids aware of the Hot Shots MLC program from Tennis Australia. It’s called Tennis Hot Shots Galaxy, and is a sure way to get warmed up for the Tennis Open.
  • VIDEO: If nVidia’s Shield piqued your interest, check out this trailer for Codex The Warrior, reportedly running on Terga 4 chip-sets.

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