NVidia launches GTX680

March 25, 2012

Tom and Anand have the goods on the latest graphics card from NVidia, the GTX680. The GPU is a new generation, codenamed Kepler, that builds upon the Fermi architecture that powered the 4xx and 5xx series NVidia cards.

According to the Tom’s Hardware review, the card is what NVidia calls a “hunter” card, which refers to the fact that it’s very focused on being a high-power setup for gaming, rather than an all-purpose card (NVidia calls those cards “tanks”). The new card features over 1500 CUDA cores clocked at just over 1Ghz, 2GB of GDDR5 graphics RAM ¬†and DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort connectors on the back.

Locally, the card is retailing for around $750, however only limited quantities are available due to the limited yields currently being produced by NVidia’s manufacturing partner, TSMC. The company expects the cards to start shipping in volume sometime in April.