GeForce Now Beta coming to Australia in September, Full Launch October

June 9, 2021

GeForce Now Australia

In a presentation aired on YouTube tonight, nVidia and Pentanet announced the launch of game-streaming service GeForce NOW in Australia coming later this year, with a beta starting in September ahead of a full launch in October. 

The service, which allows players to offload the graphics-intensive processing of modern video games to cloud-based servers, and play off 60-fps video streams sent to their devices (which include normally unsupported devices for PC gaming like Macs and Android devices) has had successful launches around the world in 7o countries, but until now has not been present in Australia.

Pentanet, a WA-based internet provider, will provide the means for nVidia’s GeForce NOW service to launch in Australia, with data centres initially in Perth and Sydney. Subscribers will be able to play modern games like BiomutantAssassin’s Creed Valhalla and Immortals: Fenyx Rising, alongside independent games and an array of 100 free-to-play games.

Pentanet founder and managing director Stephen Cornish said “Once everything goes to plan, and we are satisfied we have done everything we can, we expect to be able to launch the GeForce NOW Powered by Pentanet cloud gaming service in Australia from October of this year.”

The company has also launched , a portal to capture user Beta data with a gamified ‘Beta Quests’ feature, through which will help them select candidates to join the beta release in September. If you’re interested in GeForce NOW or the Cloud GG program, then head to their website.