Achievements Will Earn You Xbox Rewards This Year

June 24, 2012

Do you have a high Gamerscore, the envy of all your friends? Ever wished you could do something with it? Well, Microsoft announced earlier this week (via Twitter) that their Xbox Rewards program will be including players’ achievements later this year.

Though the mention of Fall (which translates to Spring for us) probably means that this information only relates to the US, this new initiative is sure to be available in other territories as well. The announcement was a little too vague for some, but they were quick to clarify that they were definitely talking about in-game achievements and Gamerscore, not just something promotional.

Microsoft are remaining tight-lipped about any specific details though, despite many questions. Whether the plan will include existing Gamerscore and achievements, or only ones earned after it begins, will make a big difference. Like this idea? Let us know in the comments.