Zone of the Enders: ‘Enders Project’ confirmed

May 25, 2012

Big news coming right off a Kojima Productions event that just ended in Japan. As detailed on NeoGAF, Hideo Kojima and his team have confirmed plans for a brand new Zone of the Enders game.

Currently titled Enders Project, the aim is to make what will essentially be Zone of the Enders 3, a sequel to the second game known as Anubis: Zone of Enders in Japan. If all goes according to plan, Enders Project will run on Kojima Productions’ in-house engine Fox Engine (demonstrating character models during the conference), and tell not a futuristic story, but one set within an ancient civilization.

But don’t get too excited just yet. Even though the project has been confirmed to exist, it should be noted that actual development of the game has not. Instead, this announcement represents the very early stages of pre-production, before the project has been formally green-lit. However, Hideo Kojima making the public aware of such a project likely implies his faith that will amount to something real.

So, even though Enders Project might be a long way away yet, Zone of the Enders fans can finally get excited about real, concrete plans for Kojima Productions to make a sequel. A couple of snaps from the conference can be seen below.